1. Caring For Your Portable Billboard Sign

    Portable billboards differ from traditional billboards in a number of different ways. From the design you put on your billboard to how you utilize it to advertise your business, a portable billboard will never be used the same way as a static one. One additional factor to keep in mind when considering a portable billboard is care and maintenance. When you invest in a traditional billboard, you wil…Read More

  2. Industries That Benefit From Mobile Billboards

    No matter what industry you are a part of, advertising and marketing is a major component to your success. While advertising will be similar throughout all industries, there are some forms of advertising that work better for certain industries than others. While the goal is to have a big enough marketing budget to have TV, billboard, radio, online, and email advertisements, that is not always a re…Read More

  3. How Portable Billboard Design Will Differ From Traditional Billboards

    When you begin planning a billboard for your company, you may think about some of the more eye-catching billboards that you have seen on your drive to work. You will consider the compelling elements, what caught your eye, what design elements made you do a double-take, and which tone grabbed your attention the most. You likely drive by the same billboards daily, but how many of them do you actuall…Read More

  4. Marketing Tools That Can Complement Your Billboard Campaign

    As a business who sells mobile advertising solutions to clients all across the United States, you can bet we know a thing or two about marketing. And despite the fact that we sell a very specific type of marketing tool, we know that there is a not a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to marketing and advertising. In fact, marketing takes place over a tremendous amount of various medium…Read More

  5. Why Advertising is So Important and How Mobile Billboard Can Help (Part 2)

    If you are a business owner, you should know that advertising is important to your business. Advertising can help you build a bigger customer base and spread the news about your business and new products. Hopefully, you know that some advertising and sales promotions are essential to keeping your business running and growing; and the more of each of these the better. A Chron article mentions that …Read More

  6. Benefits of a Backlit Billboard

    If you have used mobile advertising with success, or even if you have never used a mobile sign, you need to consider Portaboards backlit billboards for your next advertising venture. Our backlit billboards come in three great sizes, 6’x10’, 8’x14’, or 10’x20’ and are customized for your business. Our mission is to help you get your message and brand in front of your customers, and mobi…Read More

  7. Massive exposure with Portaboards

    Welcome to Portaboards!

    Welcome to Portaboards, Denton’s answer to affordable, portable, and effective billboard advertising. Whether you are looking to advertise on the go or are wanting to take a more traditional approach, Portaboards has a variety of products and purchase options available. Rent, buy, or lease, we have the advertising solutions you are looking for. Lightweight Billboards Small and efficient, our lig…Read More