The pandemic is something that has affected every single person’s life in one way or another. While many people have changed the way they live, work, and spend their free time for the past few months, businesses have also had to adapt. Unfortunately, many businesses had to close their doors for good. While no one knows how much longer this will last before life becomes a bit more normal, there are things that you can do to market your business and help keep it open until that time comes.

At Portaboards, we understand the importance of marketing and using different tools to make your business stand out. While our portable billboards are a great option for many different industries, we wanted to give you some other tips for how to market your business during a pandemic. If your business has survived this strange year so far, be sure to read these tips and implement any that you aren’t already doing to keep your business up and running!

Re-Evaluate Your Strategy

Your marketing strategy and the way you run your business should have been re-evaluated when the pandemic first hit. This is especially true if you owned a brick and mortar store, if your business relied on face-to-face meetings, or if you hosted events. If you have not re-evaluated your business or made adaptations to help your business continue to thrive during this time, that is the first step. If you host events, try to plan virtual events that people will actually come to. Think of creative ways to use the internet and technology to help your business and create a new marketing strategy. This could help your business survive throughout the rest of the pandemic.

Continue To Communicate With Customers

Your customers are the reason you are in business in the first place, and it is important that you continue to communicate with them throughout the rest of the pandemic. Let them know what you are doing to keep them and your team safe during this time. Acknowledge the impact the pandemic has had on them and how grateful you are that they continue to choose your business. Being open and communicating with your customers can help them trust your business and continue to choose you throughout and after the pandemic.

Turn To Social Media

Social media has become a popular and beneficial way to market a business in recent years. Since so many people have one or more social media accounts, this is a great way to reach your audience and keep them up-to-date. During the pandemic, you can use social media to give your customers updates on your business, get paid ads out there, host contests, host events, promote special offers, and so much more. Social media is a great way to keep people interested in your business and get creative with your marketing during this time. If you have not already, start social media accounts for your business and get posting!

Consider Going Online

While many businesses have a site nowadays, if you own a local brick and mortar store, you may not have an online presence or a website. While it takes time to put together a website, especially if you have a ton of products, it will be worth it and could help keep your business afloat during the rest of the pandemic. This is something you should have considered at the start of the pandemic, but you will always benefit from having a good website. Make sure that your website has valuable content, do some research on SEO, work to get your site on the first page of search engines, and make your site easy to navigate.

Don’t Decrease Your Marketing Budget

Marketing is essential for your business and helps keep it in business. While many consider cutting their marketing budget when the economy takes a turn for the worst, it is important to remember that every other business in your industry is also being affected by the pandemic. Cutting your marketing budget could give your competitors the advantage, especially if they do not cut their budget. Now is the time to make marketing a priority. You can help make your business more recognized, ensure your customers know you are still up and running, and help make yourself stand out compared to the competition. Try to keep your marketing budget the same for as long as possible during the pandemic.

Continue Creating Content

Creating content for your website or your social media is another important marketing tactic. Try to create content that addresses your customer’s questions or concerns about the pandemic and your industry, along with regular content. This will help give you an advantage both during and after the pandemic (whenever that may be). By creating consistent content, you will help build your search result rankings and customer base.

This is a strange time that has been stressful for a lot of people, especially business owners. Keeping your business up and running not only allows you to continue to bring in an income, but it allows you to keep your employees in a job. These marketing tips could help you keep your business alive throughout the pandemic.

If you have a portable billboard from Portaboards, you can get creative with your marketing by printing a new sign that is clever, witty, or shows support to your community. If you think that a portable billboard is a great addition to your marketing strategy, be sure to check out our collection of products to rent or buy! We are sure you will find the perfect one for your business.