As a business who sells mobile advertising solutions to clients all across the United States, you can bet we know a thing or two about marketing. And despite the fact that we sell a very specific type of marketing tool, we know that there is a not a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to marketing and advertising.

In fact, marketing takes place over a tremendous amount of various mediums, and it would be folly to say that one could do all the heavy lifting without the others. A clever business knows that they shouldn’t put all of their eggs into one basket, but rather form a cohesive marketing strategy that encompasses a variety of different methods, often with their own unique objectives.

That’s why you should be aware of all the marketing and advertising tools you have up your sleeve. While we are strong believers in the efficacy of mobile billboard advertising, the truth is that you’ll get a lot more out of your billboard campaign if you have certain elements in your marketing strategy that complement it.

Want some marketing ideas that can work synergistically with your mobile billboard advertising campaign? Consider the following tactics.

Helpful Marketing Tools

A High-Quality Website

In another blog, we noted that billboard advertising is primarily effective at making people remember one single thing about your business. They should drive away remembering the basics of your business, like a name and logo, and the main product or service that’s offered. That’s really all that is needed — fill your billboard with too many details, and people won’t have enough time or patience to interpret it all.

That’s where your website comes in.

Your billboard should serve as a hook that piques the interest of those who pass by. But the lion’s share of your marketing and presentation will be in your website, which is the true vehicle for delivering the nitty-gritty details that potential customers need to size you up.

In fact, a poorly created website can actually be a dealbreaker to those who were interested enough by your billboard to look you up. If the billboard was catchy and appealing, only to lead the customer to a clunky, unprofessional website, it sends the message that you care more about your outward appearance and less about your day-to-day operations. This carries a sense of superficiality, and won’t do you any favors in retaining customers.

A great website, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect — converting basic curiosity into invested interest. Here are some tips on having a website that’s likely to retain visitors:

  • Elegant and uncluttered graphic design
  • Informative, well-written content
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Desktop and mobile browsing layouts

Consistent Imagery in Your Place of Business

Note that this strategy primarily applies to those companies that have customer foot traffic, such as restaurants and retail. If your business meets this definition, keep reading!

The idea here is that if a customer sees one of your billboards, it’s helpful to maintain a sense of familiarity if they’re curious enough to visit your business. If you’re advertising a specific product with memorable imagery, consider having smaller print ads in your business that evoke the same imagery. This will bring back to mind the content that drew the customer to you in the first place, and help to reaffirm their desire to investigate the product or service in question.

And, of course, consistency is king in many other aspects. If, for some reason, you have multiple designs for your logo, stick to one and one only across your marketing efforts! Having two logos is a bad idea in general (but hey, we’ve seen it before), and it’s definitely something you want to avoid when you’re trying to reach people all over a given region. They need to feel confident that they’re visiting the business that your billboard was representing.

A Strong Social Media Presence

Billboard advertising is just one arm of your marketing machine, and being visual in nature, helps to establish an “identity” for your business. Advertisements have character, and depending on how you design your billboard, you can convey the kind of “personality” your business has.

If you’re savvy with your marketing, you can use this to your advantage with social media, which takes your business personality to the next level.

Take Wendy’s, for example. Their social media presence is a well-known phenomenon in recent years, as its famous Twitter account has taken on a witty, sarcastic tone that often makes snarky jokes at its competitors’ expense. This is all in good humor, of course, but this defined personality has come to be associated with Wendy’s as a whole, and if they were to consider billboard advertising, it would be prudent for them to maintain tonal consistency across their advertisements (something that many establishments have done, putting up clever jokes in and puns in their sign displays).

While the cutting humor of Wendy’s isn’t the fitting for many businesses, the point is that you can establish a personality and character for your business using social media, which can then be propagated and complemented by billboard advertising. If the two are able to work in harmony, you can create something that’s truly memorable which generates positive rapport among the public. Whether you go with a humor-based approach, or something completely different, the goal here is, once again, consistency.

Video Advertisements

There have been many advertising campaigns that have become “classics,” so memorable and well-known that just about anybody can recall them if asked. From Apple’s iconic silhouetted dancers in its original iPod commercials, to “The Most Interesting Man in the World” who is always drinking Dos Equis, good ad campaigns have a way of sticking with us.

The thing that most of these campaigns have in common? They’re embraced in both print and video form.

Sometimes, businesses tend to compartmentalize their advertising, creating one strategy for print, one for billboards, one for commercials, and one for online ads. This can work, but more often than not, it results in a cacophony of mixed messages. It’s typically better to have a singular approach that works across multiple mediums.

Mobile Billboard Advertising Solutions

We are strong advocates of the power that billboard advertising holds, and we’re not shy to tell you a whole list of reasons why our mobile billboard products are more effective than traditional billboard advertising. Marketing is a key component of your business’s success, so it’s important to make sure all the parts of your marketing machine are working together harmoniously. Looking to get your billboard advertising strategy started? Contact us today to get a quote on one of our many portable sign products!