Mobile billboards are unique in the fact that you can move them to different locations and drive them around. Because this form of advertisement is not static, it needs to be thought of differently when it comes to the design. One aspect of the design that may differ depending on the locations you plan on leaving your billboard or how often you plan on driving it around is the call to action.

A call to action is a piece of content that is intended to prompt an immediate response or action from the reader. Common call to actions include “call now,” “start shopping,” and the likes. While many call to actions can be useful in online advertisement, static billboards, or radio commercials, they may not be as useful on a mobile billboard. Since mobile billboards are either moving or changing locations regularly, specific call to actions should be used.

At Portaboards, we know that advertising on a mobile billboard is different and requires a different train of thought. Any call to action with too much information is not going to do well on a mobile billboard, unless of course you are parked at an event where most people are traveling by foot. It all depends on the circumstances and where you will be doing most of your advertising. In this blog, we are going to give you some ideas for the best call to actions for your portable billboard. Read on to learn more!

Call Now

A simple “call now” with the phone number is always a good choice for any type of advertisement. If you choose to make this your call to action make sure your business’ phone number is printed in large and easy to read text. If this is how your new customers will reach out to you, you want to make sure that it is easy for them to do so.

Social Media Sharing

If you have a campaign going that your customers can take part in through social media, adding a hashtag to your mobile billboard is a great call to action that gets them involved in your business and brand. Have the hashtag printed on your billboard with instructions that say something like “tag us in your photo” or “share with us.” Social media is a huge part of today’s culture, so a social media campaign and call to action could be a great choice.

Location and Map

Since you are driving your billboard around town or moving it to different locations, adding the location of your storefront is a great way to get more people into your business. Add a small map that shows the intersections where your business is located and the address. This will allow people who are interested in your business to have a simpler time finding it.

Some mobile billboards may not even need a call to action. Some advertisements like that simply need to create interest. Maybe you own a well-known brewery in town and are releasing a new beer. Adding the new product logo to the billboard and a release date will attract those who already love your business and give them the information they need to stop by your brewery to try the new brew. You don’t need a call to action for this type of billboard since the curiosity and interest will lead to action on its own.

Hopefully, these call to action tips helped you get a better idea of how to properly design your mobile billboard. Contact Portaboards today to learn more about our products!