No matter what type of business you run, advertising is a must. Whether you are announcing a coming event, showing off your new product, or simply trying to get your business name out there, you will need to put some time and effort into creating effective advertisements.

When it comes to creating billboards as your form of advertisement, it is important to keep in mind what you are advertising. You want for it to be eye-catching and clearly get your message across.

At Portaboards, we can provide you with mobile billboards to help you advertise your product, service, company, or event. No matter what you want to advertise for, our portable billboards can help! We offer a variety of billboard types, allowing you to choose the one that matches your needs and budget. We will also give you tips to designing the perfect billboard. In this blog, we are going to talk about designing your billboard based on what is being advertised. Whether you are advertising a product, service, your company, an event, or anything else, we have tips for your design! Read on to learn more.

Advertising Your Company

If you are simply looking to spread the word about your company, a mobile billboard is a great way to do so! When you are designing the billboard to advertise for your company, you can keep it simple. It can be as simple as the name of your company and the logo. However, we suggest mentioning what your company does. People who have never heard of your company will likely not know what you do based on the name of your company alone. If you have a slogan that describes the purpose of your company, include that.

You will also want to give people a place to visit. By that, we mean you should give them a way to get more information. This could be anything from an address of your storefront to a social media handle. Add your site’s URL, a phone number, an address, or where they can find you on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Adding all of this info may be too much, so try to pick the one that is most useful and will help you get more business. If you don’t update your social media accounts regularly then use your physical address or URL.

You should also keep your billboard plain and simple, yet eye-catching at the same time. Use a cool style but make the company name the focus. Don’t overcrowd the billboard with information, it will make it difficult to read as people drive by. Remember, even the most popular brands use billboards, so you want yours to stand out and help you get noticed.

Advertising Your Service

If you own a landscaping company and during the winter season you want to advertise that you also do snow removal and hang Christmas lights, a billboard can help! With one of our mobile billboards, you can advertise just about any service that you have to offer. When it comes to designing your portable billboard, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, you want to keep it simple. Don’t add too many words or images. Choose one large image and use as few words as possible. You want the people reading your billboard to know exactly what service you can offer them and where they can find this service. While you might have a clear message about the service on your billboard, you will also want to make sure you have the important information on there. Add the URL, address, phone number, and obviously, the name of your business. When people are interested in your service, you will want to be sure that you give them the information needed to find that service.

Be sure to keep your billboard simple and easy to understand. If your service is not something as simple as landscaping, help your potential customers understand what you do and what service you have to offer them. This is a good way to advertise a new service, a service for the time of year, or just the services you offer in general.

Advertising Your Product

Mobile billboards are a great way to advertise your products as well! There are several ways you can use a billboard to announce your products. Whether you want to advertise the products you offer in general or you want to advertise your newest product, a billboard can help!

When you design your billboard for a product, one of the most obvious but important aspects you need to add is an image of the product itself. People want to know what your product looks like. The name of the product will not give them any of the information they want and will make the billboard much less effective. Add an image of the product and the name, so that when people stop by your store or shop online, they are able to find exactly what you are advertising.

Depending on the product you are advertising, adding the price may be beneficial. This is something you need to decide with your team. Some products cannot be advertised based on price because the prices can alter drastically. So, think about your product, why you are advertising, and what information is important to add.

Again, you will want to add a business name and information to help people find your company and where to get the product. Unless you are a really well-known business, this is important information to add.

Advertising Your Event

People often use our mobile billboards to advertise their events. Driving around with your event info on the back of your vehicle is a great way to target more people and find the areas with your main target market. Designing an event billboard is a bit different than designing a billboard for a product, service, or company.

When you design this type of advertisement for an event, you will want to be able to use it every day until the event actually takes place. Because of this, you should avoid phrases like “next week,” each day that goes by, the message gets more unclear and stops being informative. Instead, write the actual date or use a phrase like “all summer long” since you will be able to drive your billboard around and still have the billboard make sense all summer long. Depending on your event and how long it is, you will want to keep in mind how to display when it is in the best way.

You will also need to add a location. People are not going to know where your event is. Without a date, they may assume that it is at the location of your business. Be sure to use the event address rather than the company’s address. You will also want to make sure that you add any other necessary information that may help sell your event.

Hopefully, these tips helped you learn how to best design your mobile billboard based on what you are advertising. To get started on your mobile billboard design, contact Portaboards! Our portable billboards can help you advertise just about anything!