Whether you are planning an annual event in your own town or you are putting together an event that has never taken place before, advertising that event is necessary. Without advertising, people may never know about your event, especially if it is the first time it will be happening. While you can hand out flyers, post on social media, and use other methods to spread the news about your event, one eye-catching way to advertise is with a portable billboard!

At Portaboards, we offer a variety of portable billboard products that can help you spread the word about your event and is sure to catch people’s attention. Being able to drive your advertisement around to different areas will allow you to reach your target market and spread the work quickly and easily. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about different design elements that should be added to your event billboard to make it more effective. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out our portable billboard products!

What The Event Is

This may seem obvious, but it is the main element that should be added to your portable billboard. This should be the main focus of your billboard, making it easy for anyone who sees it to know what the event is. The name of the event or what the event is should be printed in a large, easy-to-read font and take up most of the billboard. If you need to add more details about the event, or a quick description, add it to your billboard underneath the name, making it easy for people to get as much info about your event as possible.

Where The Event Is

It is also important to add where the location will be on your billboard. Will it be in a specific area of town? Are you holding the event at an event center or other establishment? Or will it be spread out in different areas? Adding where the event is will allow people to know where to go and will draw more people to the event. If it is a well-known location, like the main park in your town, you can likely just list the name of the park. If it is a specific hotel, you can always add a little map that shows where the event will be located.

When The Event Is

Don’t forget to mention when the event is! The date and time should be added to the billboard, unless there is no specific time. If it is a weekend-long event that lasts all day, you can just add the dates and a note that the event will run all weekend long. There are a few different ways that you can add when the event is. If it is an annual event that happens every first week of June, you can mention the first week of June, with no specific dates, so that you can reuse the billboard year after year. If it is a one-time event, adding the month and day can be helpful information to add to your billboard.

Where to Get Tickets

If tickets are required for the event, be sure to add information about where people can get tickets, whether it is a website or a physical location. Throwing ticket prices on your billboard could be beneficial, but it is not necessary. Plus, by leaving the price off, you will have more people going to learn more information and going to the event website. This is an important aspect to add to your event billboard since it allows people to know that tickets are necessary and where to get them.

Where to Learn More Info

The last thing you should add to your portable event billboard is any additional information that will help get more people to your event. Whether it is additional attractions at your event, social media handles, websites, or any other type of information, adding this could help your event get more traction. However, you don’t want to add an overwhelming amount of information to your billboard, so be sure whatever info you add, it is absolutely necessary and beneficial.

The Design

The design of your billboard also matters, but when it comes to an event, the information is really what takes priority. When designing your event billboard, you want to keep it simple but eye-catching. For annual events, you can add a photo from last year’s event or the event logo. For a concert, you can add a photo of the band. Choosing a design that isn’t distracting from the information is key.

An event billboard is simple to design since the main focus is the information, but it is important that you add the right information without making it overwhelming. At Portaboards, we offer a variety of portable billboard products that make it easy to find the best option for your event. We even offer them to buy or rent! Making it easy for you to find the right portable billboard for your needs. Check out our products and be sure to contact our team with any questions you may have.