If you are a business owner, you should know that advertising is important to your business. Advertising can help you build a bigger customer base and spread the news about your business and new products. Hopefully, you know that some advertising and sales promotions are essential to keeping your business running and growing; and the more of each of these the better. A Chron article mentions that advertising helps build your brand recognition and works to build long-term profitability. Sale promotions are more short term strategies that result in more immediate revenue.

Even when you are at the top, ahead of the competition, you still need to advertise. Just think of some of the most popular, and well known, brands: McDonald’s, Nike, Old Navy, and so many others. They may be at the top, in some areas across the country, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t stopped advertising.

In a previous blog, we covered a few of the reasons why advertising is important to your business. In this blog, we are going to go over additional reasons why advertising is important and how mobile billboard advertising can benefit your business, as well as why sales promotion is important.

In Your Control

Advertising is one thing in business that is within your control. You can choose when the advertisements air, the type of medium you use, who your target market is, and just about everything else. You can pick the tone and style of the advertisement, giving it a serious, goofy, and lively tone, which shows the overall style of your brand. You will be able to choose where the advertisement gets aired and who will be the main audience. This aspect of your business is under your control and can help you highlight on different products, services, or the company as a whole.

Sales promotions are also under your control and you can use these to highlight different products and services that your business offers. These add incentive to your consumers and can directly drive revenue. These are more short-term than advertisements, perfect for sales, special offers, and giveaways.

Create a Specific Message For a Specific Group

Advertisements are a great way to target a specific aspect of your business and highlight something that you want a specific group to pay attention to. If your business has a new product or service and you want to highlight it in a advertisements, you have the ability to design the promotion to cater to a certain audience. While you may have a large target market, you can use your advertisements to get the attention of a specific group in your target market, making a deeper connection and highlighting something that the specific group may find more useful or have more interest in than other sectors of the market.

Highlight Prices and Features

We have already mentioned that you can design your advertisements to highlight new products and services in your business. But you can also focus your advertisements on a more precise feature of the product or service. Let’s say your business is an app that people can download on their smartphone. If that app has a new function, or a function that you have noticed not many users of the app actually use, you can highlight that feature in your advertisement, allowing your market to learn something new about their favorite app and your business.

You can also highlight your prices, this can be especially beneficial if your products or services are more affordable than your competitions. Highlighting your affordable prices can show customers that you are the better choice and that they can get the same service but for a better price. Sales promotions can be used to state a special sale or deal coming up that you want your customers to be aware of, getting attention for a short-term price change.

Other Benefits

There are many benefits to both advertising and sales promotions. Advertisements help to build a stronger customer base, making your brand well known and helping everyone understand what your products and services are. Advertising will give your long-term benefits that are not immediate, and while the results are slow, advertisements are what help your company in the long run.

Sales promotions are short-term and will show results almost immediately. But these are just meant to highlight a special sale, not build your businesses brand and help you become more recognized. Of course, sales promotions will likely help people recognize your brand more and more but advertisements are what will build up your brand.

Both advertising and sales promotions are important to your business, they help build your brand, grow your customer base, and make you a more recognizable company. And the mobile billboards from Portaboards can help with both advertisements and sales promotions. We can offer you different styles of billboards to help you spread the word about your company or a special promotion.

Using Portaboards for Advertising

Advertising with Portaboards offers different benefits than other mediums of advertisements. Our mobile billboards allow you to continuously build your reach and be seen everywhere you go. Other advertisements are stationary and become part of the background. You probably walk by many different advertisements on a daily basis, but since they sit in the same place, day after day, you have or probably will get used to them and stop paying attention, you may not have even taken the time to see what the advertisement if for. You don’t want your advertisement to be forgotten and unseen. A mobile billboard will bring something new to the scenery, catching peoples eye and forcing them to pay attention and recognize your business.

These billboards can also be designed to represent your brand in many different ways. Make it simple and put your logo on it, this could make people curious about what you sell or what services you offer and make them check you out. Or it may remind customers about your business and results in them using your services or checking out what new products you may have. You can design it simply or add a unique element that catches people’s eyes as you drive by. Making your billboard pop can help it stand out and draw people’s attention, helping your brand get more recognition.

Using Portaboards for Sales Promotions

Our mobile billboards can also be beneficial in sales promotions. The signage on our mobile billboards can be changed easily, allowing you to create new signage to promote a new sale, now special offer, or a new product and feature. These are signs that will not be on your mobile billboards forever and will be replaced after the special offer or whatever it may be is over. But the mobile billboard allows you to get a ton of attention and reach in a short amount of time. Driving this signage around will help more people see it and will give you a distinct advantage over stationary promotions. If you have a sign that sits out front of your store, you may only catch a small portion of your target markets attention. But if you drive around, you are likely to draw a lot more people in and get them to stop by your store.

These billboards can be used and designed to announce many different things. If you own a gym and have a special promotion that allow new member to get a month free, you want to advertise that. Make a sale promotion sign and drive it around. Mobile billboards are great because you can target different areas that you think people who are interested in your business will be. Take the gym for example. If you have a month free trial for new gym members, drive around places where active people tend to hang out, this could be the park, the beach, and other areas. Even driving in busy areas of the city will help reach a handful of people.

There are many different benefits to mobile billboards and reasons why advertising and sales promotions are so important to your business. At Portaboards, we can help your business and give you one more source of advertisement. Check out our mobile billboard products and be sure to contact us today to get any questions you may have answered or to learn more about our billboards. We look forward to helping you and your business grow and thrive, our mobile billboards can help!