It shouldn’t be news to anyone that we’re big fans of billboard marketing. As a supplier of portable signs and mobile billboard equipment in Denton and for clients all over the country, we admit we might be a little biased about this subject. However, we’re not going to claim that everything is perfect and rosey with billboard advertising. In fact, there are numerous difficulties and weaknesses that this form of advertising has, and any business who wants to succeed needs to learn how to overcome these.

Billboard advertising, as with any other form of marketing, has its unique strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, in the case of billboards, many people are starting to think that the expenses and effort aren’t worth it. That may be true — if you don’t know the tricks on how to make it work.

Here are some of the most common difficulties that accompany billboard marketing, and handy tricks on how to overcome them.

Overcoming the Difficulties of Billboard Advertising

The Problem: Billboards Show Very Little Information

We won’t deny it — when it comes to presenting information, billboards are one of the most prohibitive advertising mediums. You have one static image, which has to be comprehensible from a distance and digestible in mere seconds. That doesn’t leave you with a lot of options. Do you go with a picture? Just your logo? A tagline? A description? Should you list your website, your phone number, or both? Many businesses don’t get a solid return on their investment because they overthink or underthink these questions, and if you don’t make wise use of your billboard, the whole endeavor could end up being pointless.

The Solution: Treat the Billboard as a Starting Point

The biggest reason why businesses often fail with billboards is that they expect the billboard to sell their product or service on its own. This is infeasible because most people don’t see the ad for more than a few seconds, which is precious little time to give them the sufficient information they need.

Instead, you should treat your billboard as a “hook,” and nothing more. The main objective of a billboard is to pique the interest of all passersby, and if it’s interesting enough, they’ll take care of the rest.

That’s because, in this day and age, we have these handy things called smartphones where people can look up any information in the world at a whim. If your billboard was engaging and memorable enough, people may just end up typing your business name into Google, and when they land on your website, that’s when you do the selling.

In other words, you want to give your audience exactly one thing to remember. Any more than is too much. Keep your billboard simple, don’t clutter it with too many words, and strongly emphasize your brand name or website. If you can do that, Google will take care of the rest.

The Problem: Billboards Can’t Target Audience Segments

If you’re a business owner, you know all about audience segmentation. For the uninitiated, segmentation is the idea that your products or services have different demographics. You might have one offering that appeals primarily to women in the ages of 20-30, and another that will sell most strongly to middle aged men.

This, naturally, is difficult with billboards. You’re limited in the locations that you can even choose to display your ad, and though this has a small effect on who sees it, it’s not as far-reaching as a more targeted advertisement, such as one printed in a magazine or played on a TV channel.

The Solution: Advertise All Over the City With Mobile Billboards

So, this is a problem that is difficult to overcome with traditional billboards, but if you broaden your horizons a little bit, everything changes. Namely, we’re talking about mobile billboards.

Mobile billboards can be pulled on a trailer or even directly mounted onto a pickup truck, allowing them to be seen by anyone you please. So, if you want to appeal to different demographics, it’s as easy as ordering a portable sign, and driving around the area that’s most likely to have people who meet your qualifications.

This is much easier than finding a static location for one single billboard. A billboard that advertises to middle-aged men might drive around a tech business district at rush hour when everyone is returning home. A product marketed towards teenagers could cruise around shopping malls after school. There are plenty more examples that we could list, but the bottom line is that you not only have control over where you advertise with a mobile billboard, you can also choose when.

The Problem: Billboards Are Expensive

The price of traditional billboards is prohibitive for several reasons. First of all, price is almost always directly correlated with the quality of your audience. Want a cheap billboard? Have fun setting it up in a poorly lit, poorly-trafficked area. Want to reach a broad audience in the city you live in, which just happens to be a thriving metropolis? You’re looking at thousands of dollars, or if you really want the prime billboard real estate, that number could be in the millions. While billboards in the latter category are usually filled by thriving corporations, it doesn’t change the fact that billboards demand a lot of money.

This has a few unfortunate side effects too. First, it puts a limit on quantity. If you’re working with a limited advertising budget, good luck affording multiple billboards in reasonable locations. Secondly, you’re paying for something that’s only temporary. Yes, it’s hypothetically possible to get a return on your investment through increased customer traffic, but it’s not a guarantee and it’s never fun to spend so much money on something that’s fleeting.

The Solution: Permanent Ownership of Mobile Billboards

This is another scenario where mobile billboards triumph over traditional ones. If you use shop Portaboards for your billboard advertising solutions, you’ll not only be paying less than you normally would for traditional billboards (in most situations), you’ll also be receiving a product that you can permanently own and reuse as you see fit. We supply our clients with custom-made portable billboard trailers that come in a variety of different models, and you can use them how you see fit. You’ll find this to be far more economical than renting public billboard space, and as we’ve mentioned in other points, you get much more flexibility.

If permanent ownership isn’t your cup of tea, we also provide rental services for businesses who only have a temporary billboard campaign in mind. This, naturally, is also more affordable than what you’d pay for a billboard in the city.

Start Advertising With Portable Billboards Today

Billboard advertising isn’t dead yet. Although it’s not as attractive as a solution as it once was for many small businesses, there are still many strengths, and most of the inherent problems with billboard advertising are solved if you opt for portable signs instead of traditional standalone advertisements.

At Portaboards, it’s our mission to help as many small businesses with their advertising and marketing needs. We’ve been through all of the challenges that small businesses face, and we are adamant that our mobile advertising solutions can be a boon to your visibility and outreach. Want to get started with mobile billboard solutions? Contact us today to order one of our many mobile billboards!