At Portaboards, we truly believe in the power of outdoor advertising. But unfortunately, there are drawbacks when you’re trying to compete for traditional billboard space. You often have to pay outrageous fees, lock yourself into a predetermined amount of time, and it’s hard to know if the location will end up being a good spot.

That’s why we offer portable billboards at affordable prices at Portaboards. Our advertising billboards are portable and mobile in nature, meaning you can take them wherever you want, whether you want to set them up on display somewhere, or simply drive around so that everyone on the road can get a glimpse of your ad.

We offer several different types of portable billboards here at Portaboards. Here is a breakdown of the options you have when you’re looking for mobile outdoor advertising solutions.

The Different Types of Mobile Billboards

  • Lightweight Billboards: These mobile advertising billboards are nice and lightweight, so they don’t require a heavy vehicle to pull around. These are two-sided billboards that are narrow in the middle, basically just a traveling sign. Simple, but effective.
  • Two-Sided Billboards: These differ from lightweight billboards, because you have two signs mounted onto a larger trailer, facing each other back to back. This serves the same general purpose, but is bigger and heftier, and therefore more eye-catching.
  • Three-Sided Billboards: Three-sided billboards resemble a box with their front side missing. This option has billboards on three sides — the two normal billboards, and smaller rear-facing one. The rear panel is a useful spot to put your business logo or contact number!
  • Four-Sided Billboards: Four-sided billboards have signage on every side, giving you every opportunity to take advantage of all the advertising space you can get. Great for drive time campaigns and parking next to busy thoroughfares.
  • Backlit Billboards: If you really want to get good use out of your mobile billboard, get one that’s backlit! These allow for your billboard to glow and shine at night, catching the attention of anyone who passes by. Put your backlit billboard in the right spot, and you can have advertising 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Truck and Hitch Billboards: Don’t want to pull around a bulky trailer? No worries, with truck and hitch mobile billboards, you can turn your everyday truck into an advertising vehicle. Pulling a trailer isn’t always convenient, and with these portable billboards, you can have mobile advertising at all times with virtually no effort.
  • Stand Alone Signs: And, of course, not all billboards need wheels. Sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned sign, and if you don’t foresee a need for your billboard to travel, this will be perfect for you.

Mobile Outdoor Advertising Solutions From Portaboards

Mobile advertising and portable billboards can be extremely effective marketing tools for any business. We have served clients all over the country, and we know that there is an advertising solution for every company. Ready to get started with some innovative and fresh marketing strategies? Browse our online store and order a mobile billboard trailer today!