If you own a service-based company, such as a roofing or a landscaping business, being able to advertise your services in an effective way can help your business bring in more customers. While there are several ways to advertise the services you offer, portable billboards offer a unique and beneficial advertising method that could be just what you are looking for!

At Portaboards, we offer a variety of great portable billboard products that can help you advertise your business and the unique services that you offer. Designing a beneficial and effective billboard isn’t hard, but there are several things you should keep in mind while you get started on designing your billboard. As a service-based business, your billboard will differ from if you were a business advertising products. Read on to learn more and start shopping through our products to find the perfect one for your business!

Make It Obvious

Billboards, whether you are using a mobile billboard or a traditional billboard, are only going to be seen for a few seconds. Because of this, it is important to make your message obvious. If you are using a billboard to advertise one of your services, make sure that it is obvious what that service is at a quick glance. While many business owners choose business names that help describe the services, like Ron’s Roofing or Linda’s Landscaping, you still want to make it overly obvious to anyone who sees your billboard. Whether you do this through visuals or words, it is important that you make your services known. If you want to focus on a single service, be sure to make that obvious as well.

Focus On The Why

One great way to advertise your service is to mention why people need it. What is the problem that you are solving by providing your services? While you don’t have to literally write this out on your billboard, showing it could be helpful and get more people to contact you for your service. If you own a painting company, a landscaping company, or any other type of business like this, creatively showing a before and after photo can get your message across and help people realize that they do in fact need your services.

Use Imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words and by using powerful imagery on your billboard, you can make your billboard stand out and make your services more obvious. Imagery is a great way to get creative with your billboard as well!

For example, imagine a painting company that is trying to highlight its exterior residential painting services. They can use an image of a house with dingy, chipping, and worn-out exterior paint that gives people a spooked feeling. By adding a paintbrush stroke across the center of the house that shows a piece of the home with fresh, clean paint, and offers a happy feeling will tell the message, the service, and why someone needs this service. It’s simple and extremely effective, which brings us to our next point.

Make It Simple

Simple billboards are the best choice for many reasons, including the fact that people don’t spend more than a few seconds looking at billboards. By making your portable billboard simple, while getting your message across and making it obvious what you are advertising, your billboard will be a lot more effective and successful. Keep it as simple as you can and don’t overcrowd it with too much information. Busy billboards can be a lot to look at and people don’t have the attention span or desire to absorb all that information from a billboard that they pass.

Get Creative

Getting creative with your billboard design will help you keep it simple while making it obvious. Think of unique and creative ways to highlight the services you offer without using too many words. Billboards are an amazing advertising tool that can catch the attention of new potential clients, but the best billboards are the creative ones that are memorable and stand out. Get creative with your mobile billboard to help advertise your services and business.

Leave Information

You may have created the most creative, eye-catching, and memorable billboard that highlights your services and tells people why they should hire you. Now the most important part is giving them a way to contact you! While your business’s name on the billboard will help them find ways to reach you by Googling your business, you want to make it easier for potential clients. The most effective way to do this is by leaving your business’s phone number on the billboard. Adding a URL is also a great option, but if you only have room for one, choose the phone number. If someone sees your billboard and realizes that they do need your services, you want to give them a way to get a hold of you right then and there, while your service is still fresh in their mind.

As a service-based business, a portable billboard is a great way to advertise your services and spread the word about what you can offer. Portaboards offers a variety of great mobile billboards to choose from, with options to rent or buy. Be sure to search through our portable billboard products to find the perfect one and contact us today to learn more! We will answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect portable billboard for your business.