1. The Best Call to Actions For Your Mobile Billboard

    Mobile billboards are unique in the fact that you can move them to different locations and drive them around. Because this form of advertisement is not static, it needs to be thought of differently when it comes to the design. One aspect of the design that may differ depending on the locations you plan on leaving your billboard or how often you plan on driving it around is the call to action. A ca…Read More

  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Advertising

    To become a successful business, you need to spread the word about what services or products you offer. You need to become known and target a specific market. This does not happen overnight, it takes hard work and careful planning. Whether you want to spread the word about your new business or a new product launch, you need to advertise. There are many different ways to advertise, from social medi…Read More

  3. Billboard Design Elements Based on What’s Being Advertised

    No matter what type of business you run, advertising is a must. Whether you are announcing a coming event, showing off your new product, or simply trying to get your business name out there, you will need to put some time and effort into creating effective advertisements. When it comes to creating billboards as your form of advertisement, it is important to keep in mind what you are advertising. Y…Read More

  4. How Portable Billboard Design Will Differ From Traditional Billboards

    When you begin planning a billboard for your company, you may think about some of the more eye-catching billboards that you have seen on your drive to work. You will consider the compelling elements, what caught your eye, what design elements made you do a double-take, and which tone grabbed your attention the most. You likely drive by the same billboards daily, but how many of them do you actuall…Read More

  5. How Bad Marketing Can Make a Good Product Fail

    The power of good marketing is something that simply cannot be underestimated. Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or trying to make yourself known in any way, the bottom line is that without good marketing, you will fail, regardless of the quality of your product. We are strong believers in the power of marketing at Portaboards, which is why we offer a variety of solutions for billboar…Read More

  6. The Secrets of Successful Mobile Billboard Design

    We've made mobile billboards in Denton an easy way to spread the word about your business. With a mobile billboard, you don't have to wait for traffic to drive by your signage; you can take your signage to the traffic. You'll be able to strategically target areas where your business's message is going to be best received and result in the most conversions. That means billboards can be powerful ad…Read More

  7. Benefits of a Backlit Billboard

    If you have used mobile advertising with success, or even if you have never used a mobile sign, you need to consider Portaboards backlit billboards for your next advertising venture. Our backlit billboards come in three great sizes, 6’x10’, 8’x14’, or 10’x20’ and are customized for your business. Our mission is to help you get your message and brand in front of your customers, and mobi…Read More

  8. Street Level Marketing With Portaboards

    Remember that scene in Batman when Gotham City is in need of the caped crusader’s help? Maybe the Joker robbed a bank or maybe he just has a guest appearance on Scooby Doo and the meddling kids need his help. Either way, at Portaboards, we are the bat signal for your business. The world of business is rough out there and when you need visibility think Portaboards! How do we accomplish this? Simp…Read More

  9. The Benefits of Mobile Billboards

    If you are like most business owners or organizations, you are likely always on the lookout for great ways to reach your customers through advertising. One of the best ways you can maximize your reach is through portable advertising. No one knows portable advertising like Portaboards. It’s even in our name! If there is one thing we are passionate about, it is helping businesses grow and succeed …Read More