Truly professional advertising starts with the detail and color. Visual appeal is one of the most essential facets of advertising; but it doesn’t do much good to have a visually stunning billboard if no one can see it.

If you are looking to reach your target audience whenever and wherever they are, a backlit billboard may be just what the doctor ordered.

Each of our backlit billboards features a Connexa Energy custom solar package that includes: solar panels, a custom solar battery, and a charger specifically for the unit, never worry about the lights going out with a logo_shine-44Connexa Energy lit billboard from Portaboards. Adjustable outriggers are also provided for stabilization.

6’x10′ Backlit Billboard

144 sq-ft of advertising space on the double sided 6×10 mobile billboard trailer.

8’x14′ Backlit Billboard
256 sq-ft of advertising space on the double sided 8×14 mobile billboard trailer.

10’x20′ Backlit Billboard

440 sq-ft of advertising space on the double sided 10×20 mobile billboard trailer.